Mobile payments

Phone = wallet

Use the opportunity to pay for various services of LMT cooperation partners even if the wallet is not at hand or you don’t want to pay with a bank card – the amount spend will be included in the next LMT invoice or deducted from the account of LMT Karte.

Easy – purchases via phone
Purchase amount – in LMT invoice
Convenient – buy anywhere and anytime, but pay later
Save time


  • Costs will be included in the LMT invoice or the Private payment invoice or deducted from the LMT Karte account. Please note that some services cannot be paid with LMT Karte (it is determined by a cooperation partner or service provider).
  • Maximum amount of one purchase is 30.00 €.
  • The total amount to be spent for premium rate services (incl. calls to 900XXXXX series numbers) does not exceed 300 € per month.
  • The service is subject to a fee set by the cooperation partner or the service provider. The cooperation partner may set other payment restrictions, e.g., maximum amount limits.
  • When paying for the services of certain cooperation partners, LMT may apply a transaction service fee (unless otherwise specified in the service description of the seller or the cooperation partner).
  • LMT has the right to apply credit limits depending on the service for which the payment is made, as well as depending on the type of connection.
  • The payment can be made only if no prohibition for premium rate service is activated. The service „Activation of premium rate service” can be activated and deactivated at My LMT, as well as at any LMT Customer Service Centre.

All fees are in €, VAT inclusive.