Gradual shutdown of 3G networks

      Gradual shutdown of 3G networks

      In order to free frequencies for the new, high-performance 5G network and expand the 4G network, LMT plans to gradually close the 3G network.

      Your benefits

      This process of technology change is taking place worldwide – almost 150 mobile operators have already shut down 3G or plan to do so in the near future.

      More powerful internet

      4G and 5G Internet surpasses 3G in everything – it's faster, more powerful, with fewer delays, and more stable on both the phone and the router. It allows you to work productively, study and have fun, watch high-definition television, play games online and more.
      LMT has the widest 4G and fastest growing 5G coverage in Latvia – check it out on the map!

      How to test the device

      Testing the device and SIM card is easy! Choose the type of the device and follow the instructions!

      1. Enter the phone number and the correct answer in the task field
      2. Enter the confirmation code that you'll receive in a text message
      3. Find out if the phone is ready for 4G and 5G technology

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