Internet Guard via Phone

Protect your phone from malware, fraudulent websites and unwanted content.

Internet Guard at Home

Protect all devices (computers, phones, etc.) that connect to your LMT Wi-Fi network.

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Your benefits

Internet Guard protects all your devices when using LMT internet.

No software installation required
Detects computer viruses and fraudulent websites before they cause harm
Protects apps and popular communication tools (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.)
All Internet Guard updates are performed by LMT
You can also control the internet content
  • Determine which pages your children are not allowed to visit
  • Reduce the amount of time "eaten by" social networks
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Choose safety by choosing LMT

Join LMT and be with those who think and do!

High quality mobile communications

Modern technologies, competent specialists and the widest coverage – more than 1,500 base stations throughout Latvia. Be one step ahead.

Powerful internet

At work, study or entertainment - LMT internet is what you can rely on. Enjoy 5G power on your router and phone! In addition, the LMT 5G router is included in the "Internet for Home" price.

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Protect you and your family by connecting the LMT Internet Guard. The service was developed in cooperation with CERT and our international partner Whalebone.

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Is your device protected?

If you see a notification from the Internet Guard about visiting a dangerous page – everything is fine! The Internet Guard is activated.
If you are directed to, the Internet Guard is not activated. To protect your devices, please follow the instructions!

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