Freedom with a smartwatch

      Calls, text messages and internet on your smartwatch even without your phone. Connect now and try for free until the end of next month!




      Your benefits

      Be accessible when you left your phone at home or it’s turned off. With Multi-SIM, your smartwatch will be able to function fully without an active Bluetooth connection to your phone.
      The first operator in Latvia that provides the Multi-SIM service Apple Watch
      One number for both the phone and the smartwatch
      Smartwatch does not require a separate voice and internet service
      Service is also available abroad**
      Small fixed monthly fee


      The service is available only to LMT customers. Connect it at any Customer Centre or self-service portal My LMT.

      When connecting to the Multi-SIM service, you are not asked to enter a PIN in the device. The customer must take all possible precautions to protect against unauthorized use of the device.

      If the device is lost or stolen, please notify us immediately by 80768076, write an e-mail to or go to the nearest LMT Customer Centre.

      Apple smartwatches
      Multi-SIM connection
      Connect Multi-SIM at a convenient time and place.
      1. Connect your iPhone to your Apple Watch.
      2. In one of the last steps, select "Set up mobile data". If you haven't selected or both devices are already connected, go to the "Mobile data" section of the Apple Watch app and click "Set up mobile data".
      3. A new window will open in which you will have to press "Set up mobile data" again.
      4. The LMT website for connecting the Multi-SIM service to Apple Watch will open shortly. Enter the original phone PIN1 and press "Log in".
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      Questions and answers

      * For new customers, when connecting Multi-SIM, the service fee is 0.00 €/month until the end of the next month, after – 3.99 €/month..

      *** For Samsung and Huawei smart watches