Mobilly payments

LMT in cooperation with Mobilly offers you a convenient and easy payment option via mobile phone and the Mobilly app (or SMS)!

With Mobilly you can pay for:

  • Parking at Rīgas satiksme, EuroPark Latvia, Cityparks Latvija, etc. parking lots
  • For code tickets of “Rīgas satiksme” public transport #new 

  • Train and intercity bus tickets, as well as other services
Mobilly payments
Forget about cash and wallet
Purchase price – in the LMT invoice
Friendly costs of use of the mobile payment
Save your time and nerves

Payment by app

  • Download Mobilly app free of charge!
  • In the app, follow the instructions, select the service you want to pay for and click “Add to LMT invoice”.
  • To stop calculation of the fee for the parking, press STOP.

Payment via SMS

You can pay for the parking and Jūrmala entry pass also via text message.

  • Text MSTART, a vehicle number and a tariff zone letter with spaces (e.g.: MSTART AA1111 C) to 1859. The tariff zone letter you’ll find on the payment machine or information zones of the parking area.
  • When you have finished the parking, text STOP to the same number.

To pay for a Jūrmala entry pass, indicate “J”. Reply (payment confirmation) text message is the approval of the payment.

  • Jūrmala entry pass is required from 1 April to 30 September.
  • Payment via text message is not suitable for purchasing tickets.
  • Find out about other payment options on the Mobilly website.

About Mobile payment

Payment options of the Mobilly service are ensured by the LMT service Mobile payment. Please read the Terms of Use of the Mobile Payment (lv).

  • Maximum amount of one purchase is 30.00 €.
  • The total amount to be spent for premium rate services (incl. calls to 900XXXXX series numbers) does not exceed 300 € per month.
  • When paying for the services of the cooperation partners, LMT applies a transaction service fee of 0.25 € (unless otherwise specified in the service description of the cooperation partner).
  • The amount of the mobile payment will be included in the next LMT invoice or the Private payment invoice, or deducted from the account of LMT Karte (if the seller/service provider offers such opportunity for LMT Karte).
  • Currently, LMT post-payment customers may use the Mobile payment options for the following services.
  • Mobile payments are available unless the use of premium rate services is prohibited.
  • If the employer pays for the mobile services, but you want something more, connect the Private payment and pay for these options by yourself!
  • Please also take into account the recommendations for safe use.
Mobilly payments


  • Fee for parking (according to the tariffs set by the parking service providers) – the same as at the box office!
  • Please read the information about the fees and tariff zones of Rīgas satiksmes, EuroPark Latvia, Cityparks Latvija or other parking service providers.

Contact Mobilly

  • In case of any questions call Mobilly at 1859 or find information on the Mobilly website. A fee for the call may be applied depending on the tariff plan. You can call Mobilly also at +371 22001859.
  • If a report or tax invoice is needed for the payments made, call Mobilly or register and receive it at the Mobilly system (


Before using LMT services, please read the data processing information provided by LMT. As regards data processing carried out by Mobilly as a controller within the scope of the service JŪRMALA ENTRY PASS, please read the data processing report of the specific data controller. This controller is independently liable for the data processing under its control and for the exercise of the rights of persons involved. LMT as a data controller pays the utmost attention to these issues. Within the scope of the services provided by LMT we process the data only in the necessary amount and period that arises out of the substance of the service and the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations. In order to provide LMT customers with the service FEE FOR PARKING, basic data, e.g. location data, as well as electronic communications metadata, including traffic data – information related to the provision of electronic communications services – may be processed. The purpose of the data processing is to implement the selected service, including to ensure the related quality, payments and solving of the submitted issues, if any, as well as the implementation of the binding laws and regulations. The basis of the data processing is the requested LMT service and the implementation of the related laws and regulations. Such processing is the precondition for the execution of the transaction, and failure to provide data may fully or partly delay or interrupt the provision of the transaction. In respect to his/her data the LMT customer is entitled to exercise his/her rights specified in the laws and regulations. Find out more about the data protection implemented by LMT and the rights in the area of data processing in LMT Privacy Policy.

All fees are in €, VAT inclusive.