July 19, 2022

      LMT roof honey is recognised as the most delicious light honey in Latvia

      At the event "Latvia's most delicious honey '22” organized by the Latvian Beekeepers Association, the honey collected in smart hives on the roof of the LMT technical building took the 1st place in the "Light honey" nomination. Very soon, in August, this summer's harvest of bees will be collected – for the third year already.

      The smart beehive placed on the roof of the LMT technical building next to the 5G base station is daily monitored by an urban beekeeper Valdis Janovs. The honey collected in the city is clean, high-quality, and this is also confirmed by the results of the tests conducted by the Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment BIOR. Well, the excellent quality of honey taste has also been confirmed.

      "We are very proud of the performance of our beekeeper and, of course, the bees. This recognition is a proof that even in the urban environment, with the support of innovative technologies, high-quality and valuable products can be developed, increasing the productivity of traditional agricultural sectors and expanding the area available for food production. This may become increasingly important in the future as the world's population grows and the need for even greater food production increases, and we must be ready for such challenges today, before critical mass is reached. Solutions such as smart hives, which provide in-depth information about the processes in the hive and the well-being of the bees with sensors, could eventually become an integral part of beekeeping, as they, for example, prevent the bees from freezing to death," explains LMT president Juris Binde.

      Built in 2020, the urban beehive with five smart hives is home to more than 150,000 bees. For beekeepers to monitor what is happening in the hives, the hives are equipped with sensors that measure the weight, temperature, humidity and activity of the bees in the hive. The hive can be observed both with an online camera, and the behaviour of the insects can also be studied with a camera at the hive entrance. The information collected by smart hives allows to control the amount of harvest and know when to install an additional honey frame or, on the contrary, the bees are running out of food.

      LMT honey is used as a gift for cooperation partners, guests of the company and Latvia, incl. the President of France Emmanuel Macron was treated to it.

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