Mobile Marketing

      One message – thousands of recipients

      A simple and fast way to send text messages to many recipients (customers, employees, etc. groups) at the same time.

      Reach your target audience

      Unlike mass communication (outdoor advertising, internet banners, etc.), a text message addresses a specific buyer. Research shows that, on average, 5x more people respond to a text message than to an email.

      The right message at the right time

      Since the mobile phone is mostly with you, the recipients will receive the information at the time you choose.

      Easy to implement

      Compared to creating promotional images or videos, sending text messages is an easy task. In addition, it costs much less.


      • Send text up to 50 thousand people with a few clicks.
      • As the sender, choose your company name, product name, customer service phone number, etc.
      • Send a text message immediately or indicate a specific time and date of sending.
      • Get a report on delivered and undelivered messages.

      How to start using


      Connect the service by emailing to, ask your customer manager or at any LMT Customer Centre.

      To start using, connect to My LMT with your number and in the section Saziņa (Communication) > Mobilais mārketings (Mobile Marketing) approve that you have read the terms of use of the service (lv).

      Groups of recipients

      First, add the numbers you want to text to the group. In My LMT section Saziņa (Communication) > Mobilais mārketings (Mobile Marketing) > Grupas (Groups), enter numbers and additional information manually, or upload from a file:

      • In CSV format – the first 8 characters of the line are the recipient`s mobile number, followed by a comma, and after the comma, without a space, additional information follows
      • In .xls or .xlsx format, in the first column (A), indicate the 8-character numbers of the recipients, in the second column (B) – additional information.

      The maximum file size is 1 MB.

      Additional information – up to 40 characters.

      The maximum number of recipients in a group is 50,000 numbers.

      Text messages can only be sent to numbers of operators in Latvia.

      Sending of messages

      In My LMT section Saziņa (Communication) > Mobilais mārketings (Mobile Marketing) > Sūtīt SMS (Send SMS), choose the group of recipients, indicate the sender (e.g., your company name, product name, customer service phone, etc.) and add text.

      The text message can be sent immediately, or you can indicate a specific time (maximum time – 30 days from the time the message was created)*.

      Respecting personal time of our customers, LMT messages are sent on working days (from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays) from 8.00 a.m. to 20.00. If the delivery is not completed by 20.00, it is resumed the next working day at 8.00 a.m.

      Up to 100,000 messages can be sent within 24 hours.


      In My LMT section Saziņa (Communication) > Mobilais mārketings (Mobile Marketing) > Nosūtne (Outbox), you can see information about the sent messages, including the numbers to which it was not possible to deliver the message.

      If the "Mobile Marketing" service is connected to several employees of your company, the messages sent by each user and the created groups are visible to all employees of the company who are connected to this service.


      • Connecting and subscribing to the service is free of charge.
      • The cost of one text message sent (for each text message recipient) is 0.0235 €.
        One short message using emoticons and long characters, Cyrillic characters or special symbols is 70 characters long; without using these characters, one text message is 160 characters long.


      • To use the service, the company must have at least 1 active LMT connection number.
      • Your company is entitled to send messages to recipients who have given their free and unequivocal consent to receiving messages from your company.
      • You can only send text messages to your customers and employees.
      • Your company has the obligation to inform the recipient of the possibility to refuse receiving messages and to stop sending text messages to recipients who have made such a request.
      • Your company is responsible for ensuring that the designated sender is associated with your company (e.g. company name, product name, customer service phone number, etc.).
      • The company is not entitled to send messages on behalf of other companies or individuals.
      • Your company name and contact phone number must be specified in the text of the message.
      • Before using LMT services, please read the data processing information provided by LMT. As a data controller, LMT pays the greatest attention to these issues. As part of the services provided by LMT, we process data only in the necessary amount and period, which results from the nature of the service and the requirements of the binding laws and regulations. As part of the "Mobile Marketing" service, basic data can be processed, such as connection number, etc., as well as electronic communications metadata, including load data – information related to the provision of electronic communications services. The purpose of the data to be processed is to carry out the execution of the selected service, including ensuring the related quality, payments and solving the reported issues, if they arise, as well as the execution of the binding laws and regulations. The basis of data processing is the requested LMT service and the implementation of related laws and regulations. Such processing is a prerequisite for the execution of the transaction, and failure to provide data may partially or completely delay or terminate the provision of the transaction. With regard to his or her data, the LMT customer has the right to exercise the rights set forth in the laws and regulations. More information about LMT data protection and rights in the field of data processing is available in LMT Privacy Policy.

      * If you have specified a different sending time and after preparing the message you make changes to the group numbers, then these changes will not apply to the already created message, i.e. numbers that were included in the group at the time the message was saved will receive the text message. Until the moment of sending the text message, it is possible to delete the created message.

      All charges in €, excl. VAT.