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      Samsung Knox

      The Knox security platform is built into Samsung's mobile devices, both on the chip and in various smart solutions that fully support the use of this platform. Easy to configure and manage. High level of security, which is also trusted by various government institutions around the world.

      Benefits of Samsung Knox

      Remote device management

      Evaluate the condition of devices and detect unauthorized access to administrator rights, ID manipulation and other threats.

      Top level security

      Effective encryption technologies are used for additional security against threats.

      Enhanced network security

      Data transfer is protected by effective network security features using Knox VPN, device firewall and secure browser.

      Simplified device setup

      Save time and reduce user interaction with fewer steps and automatic setup using Wi-Fi.

      Flexible and safe installation options

      IT administrators have extensive setup options, including: automatic certification installation, local EMM support, Wi-Fi firewall configuration, and more.

      Efficient device setup in all environments

      Set up devices even with limited connectivity. This can be done centrally using local network capacity.

      Powerful device management

      Easy to use, yet advanced management features.

      Improved software recovery management

      Choose the OS version that best matches your corporate apps and activate updates on all devices without interrupting your workflow.

      Intelligent battery management

      Monitor battery level and condition to optimize device usage during the workday and accurately plan device lifecycle.

      Deep insight into device usage

      Analyze and make sure your business applications are working as planned. It can be connected very simply, without involving IT specialists.

      Monitor all your devices easily

      Get an in-depth view of the location and connectivity status of all devices. Never lose sight of your team's devices.

      Main product features

      Knox Manage

      Security and management tool for Samsung, Android, iOS and also other OS

      Remote support option

      Mobile device management (MDM)

      Implementation of security policy

      KIOSK mode

      Remote application installation and management

      Activation of settings based on events

      Periodic device tracking

      Remote content upload

      Knox Suite

      Remote device management

      Top level security

      Advanced network security

      Simplified installation

      Effective monitoring of all devices

      Flexible and safe installation options

      Efficient device setup

      Powerful device management

      Flexible access to Knox features

      Effective software recovery management

      Barcode scanning with Knox Capture

      Smart battery management

      In-depth insight into device usage

      1.59 €/month*

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      Choose devices with Samsung Knox included

      Security and updates

      Protect your business from mobile security risks! Samsung Knox keeps Galaxy Enterprise Edition smartphones secure with software updates delivered monthly or quarterly over a 4-year period**.

      Effective management

      Manage mobile devices that cover all of your company’s security, device management and software control needs. Knox Suite includes: Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage, and Knox E-FOTA.

      Extended product life cycle

      All Galaxy Enterprise Edition smartphones have an extended product life cycle, ensuring they are available for longer than standard devices.***

      Additional benefits

      All Samsung Enterprise Edition devices include KNOX Suite one annual license at no additional cost, as well as a longer warranty period – 3 years.

      Samsung Knox

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      Questions and answers

      * Monthly fee for the purchase of the device when entering into an Installment Agreement for 24 months. New customers (less than 3 months) may be charged a down payment. The number of devices is limited.

      ** 4 years after the first launch on the international market. Updates for the S series, Note series, A50 and XCover 4s are available monthly for the first 3 years, quarterly for the fourth year. Tab Active Pro and A40 updates are available quarterly over a 4-year period.

      *** The devices will be commercially available 2 years after the first launch on the international market. The specified period of availability may vary from device to device and is subject to change without notice.