March 8, 2021

      LMT recommends an authorised service centre

      Smart devices plays an important role in our daily lives, so if there is any problem, high quality and fast help is required. LMT recommends entrusting the repair of the device to the authorised service centre TSC. Why? 

      TSC is the largest authorised service centre in Latvia, which daily serves the products of about 30 world’s leading mobile device manufacturers – Samsung, Apple, Huawei, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, CAT etc. TSC is present in Latvia since 2002 and in these years has become one of the market leaders. The high responsibility and quality of the service is confirmed by the ISO certificates: energy efficiency, environmental management and quality management standards.  

      Why choose an authorised service centre?
      Although the Latvian market is mostly dominated by unauthorised service centres, it is important to understand why you should trust your device only to the highly qualified technicians of the authorised service centre – such as TSC. 

      • The service centre has fulfilled the prerequisites of the manufacturers to become an authorised service by obtaining authorisation of each brand. 
      • Only original spare parts of the manufacturers are used for repairs. The use of non-original parts may damage and adversely affect the functionality. 
      • The devices are repaired in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions which are not available in unauthorised service centres. 
      • After repairs, calibration is provided, thus ensuring that the modules and sensors of the devices are functioning properly. 
      • Diagnostics are performed with software and hardware provided by the manufacturer. They can help to identify the cause of the problem, offering to repair only what is really necessary.
      • Technicians are highly qualified specialists who have participated in the manufacturers’ trainings and have successfully passed the tests. In case of non-standard situations, the service can contact the manufacturer’s technical staff. 

      Uniform basic principles of the repair apply to both warranty and non-warranty or paid repairs, irrespective of where the device is purchased.  

      Which devices are repaired by TSC? 

      TSC ensures the repair of all devices of the authorised manufacturers – smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, electric scooters, IoT and other devices purchased in Latvia as well as in the countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area. 

      By choosing TSC, your device will be in safe hands. It will be repaired by technicians on a soft surface, wearing ESD gloves and an ESD shirt. What does ESD mean? These special gloves and special clothing are intended to prevent static electricity during the repair process that may damage components of the device. In case of static electricity charge, it is routed to the ground, taking care of the device. 

      TSC Latvija employees who are highly qualitied and provided with the original tools of the manufacturers work at an amazing speed! Currently the devices are repaired by 19 technicians who perform high quality repairs of around 10,000 devices per month. If there are on average 22 working days a month, it means that technicians repair 454 devices per day! The craft of the technicians are approved also by the repair time of the device – if spare parts are available on site, the average repair time is from one to three days, however, if the parts must be ordered, then up to seven days. Great! 

      Where to find TSC?
      LMT highly appreciates that in these changing circumstances TSC adapts and offers customers a great opportunity – everyone can send a damaged device for repair to TSC free of charge using a parcel terminal. It is easy, fast and safe. Of course, the customers are also welcome at service centres in Riga: Rēzeknes Street 5a, where all devices of the manufacturers are accepted, and Blaumaņa Street 5a-1f (entrance from Tērbatas Street), where technicians are specialised in repair of Apple products. 

      Find out more at and TSC Latvija Facebook account

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