April 12, 2021

      LMT Customers Start Using Next Generation Voice Communications

      From April 12, 2021 LMT as the first in Latvia start to provide to its customers VoLTE  (Voice over Long-Term Evolution) technology for calls in 4G network. This will allow to make voice calls in much higher quality than it has been possible so far.

      “As leaders of telecommunications technology, it is very important for us that every resident of Latvia can use the latest technologies every day, because only then it allows us as a society to keep up with the time. Already last year, when getting prepared for providing calls on the 5G network, LMT introduced the VoLTE technology in Latvia in test mode and we are ready to make it available for the full use of our customers,” says LMT President Juris Binde.

      The VoLTE technology which uses the 4G data transmission network for voice communications has a number of advantages. This technology allows the customers not only to make calls in HD quality at no extra charge, but the call connection itself is faster (1.5 second instead of normally 3.5 – 5 seconds). You can also use the phone to transmit data over the LTE network during the call, e.g., to send pictures, video, search for information, besides, the battery power consumption of the device is lower. Although, the full benefits of the VoLTE  voice call quality can be enjoyed only during the call when both callers will use the mobile phone which supports VoLTE technology and will be on the LTE network for the whole duration of the call.

      The transition to the next generation voice communications on the LMT network will take place gradually, and it will be initially available to LMT customers who use Samsung phones that support the VoLTE technology. In order to enjoy the quality of voice calls provided by the new technology, the mobile phone must have the latest version of the operating system (at least Android 11) and the device must support the VoLTE technology (device compatibility can be checked on the website It is important that the LTE data transmission and the VoLTE service are activated in the device settings. 

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