July 20, 2022

      LMT creates the widest 5G network in Latvia and significantly increases the number of customers

      In the first half of 2022, Latvia's leading mobile communications operator and technology innovation company LMT has significantly raised investments in the widest 5G network in Latvia, by investing another EUR 14.7 million in network and technology development and continuing to create test environments for various future solutions. The availability of 5G in both phones and routers has also been welcomed by customers, and the number of new connections increased by 58,000 during the year.

      "Currently, it is more important than ever to strengthen and develop the entire national infrastructure. Investments in technology, and the creation of new innovative solutions, are particularly important. Mobile communications and technologies are the basis for the successful operation of practically all sectors – for national security and public mobility, as well as for the growth of economically important areas. The 5G network developed by LMT with more than 160 5G base stations throughout Latvia already provides the opportunity for effective solutions in the cities, countryside and forests, in the air and under water, although we are currently only at the very beginning of the growth path of this technology. I am pleased that we managed to make significant investments in the improvement of the 5G network, becoming the flagships of this technology, and I am sure that the training of our specialists will become the basis for the creation of world-class innovations and original solutions, which will also be appreciated by our customers," says LMT president Juris Binde.

      In the first half of 2022, LMT has made a significant contribution to the implementation of general public safety solutions, both by promoting cyber security with the creation of a new product – LMT Internet Guard – and by promoting media and digital literacy of inhabitants. National defence has also been strengthened by continuing the existing cooperation with the National Armed Forces and by developing a 5G test environment for the military solution at the Ādaži military base. It will allow modelling, development and testing of various scenarios of military importance according to the security requirements of the National Armed Forces and NATO. The test environment will also be used to support the European Defence Fund, Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA), as well as the National Innovation Grant System supported by the Ministry of Defence and the Defence National Research Programme.

      LMT, in cooperation with the partners of the international project 5G-ROUTES, have performed the first demonstrations of cross-border mobility in a 5G test environment. This test environment is the first in which the networks of two countries forms a simulated border between Latvia and Estonia. Biķernieki track in Riga was chosen as the most suitable place for such demonstrations. In total, four cross-border solutions were demonstrated on the track, including driving cars without a pilot or autonomously. Such trials of mobility innovations are important before their implementation in Europe, which is rapidly moving towards the introduction of autonomous solutions in everyday traffic.

      The creation of a test environment for hydrographic measurements and testing of technologies to ensure a 5G network in ports and the Baltic Sea have also been started. The signed memorandum of understanding with the Riga Freeport fleet will allow innovative 5G technologies to promote digitalization of services provided in ports, modernization of technical equipment and fleet, provision of real-time communication between ships and with ports, development of autonomous solutions, their implementation and use.

      Compared to the first half of 2021, LMT Group’s turnover increased by 11.9% and amounts to EUR 133.7 million. EBITDA indicators increased by 8.4% in the first half of 2022 and are EUR 41.9 million. The total number of connections in the LMT network exceeds 1.4 million.

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