October 7, 2021

      Companies are going to work in “green area” mode and invite others to join

      Some Latvian companies will gradually start working in the green area from October 11. This means that 100% of the employees who work with customers face-to-face have been vaccinated against or have recovered from Covid-19. Besides, all visitors of the Customer Centres and stores will be required to present a Covid-19 certificate – or use remote service options. For the sake of the general health of the public, we invite other companies to contribute to the reduction of disease risks and to work in a safe or so-called green area mode.

      By supporting the efforts of the government and medical staff to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, the companies have jointly created a common visual identity for the convenience and health of their visitors. Any company joining the initiative is invited to use these materials by placing them at the entrance and informing customers that the service provider is working in safe or green mode. These information signs will serve as a proactive confirmation and identification mark, showing that both staff and visitors can present a Covid-19 certificate (have completed the vaccination or have recovered from Covid-19).  

      Participants of the initiative: Tet, LMT, Latvijas Valsts Meži, Latvenergo, Omniva, SAF Tehnika.

      Questions and answers

      Are customers with a negative Covid test allowed to visit LMT stores?
      LMT Customer Centres will be entered only with an interoperable Covid certificate, which confirms that the person has been vaccinated against Covid-19 or has recovered from the virus.

      How the new order of visiting Customer Centres will be implemented?
      The new order of visiting Customer Centres will be implemented gradually starting from 11.10.2021.

      Will there be a "green area" sign at the entrance of the LMT Customer Centre?
      LMT Customer Centres which have met the requirements of the green area (100% vaccinated staff) will be clearly marked and will be a proof of green area.
      Those Customer Centres where the staff will not be 100% vaccinated will be marked in the colours specified in the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers.

      Whether the LMT website will have information on which Customer Centres work in the "green area" mode?
      Information which Customer Centres ensure the green area will be provided at the LMT Customer Centres contacts section of the website.

      Will until 10.10.2021 all LMT Customer Centres operate without restrictions, as before?
      Yes. The new order of visiting Customer Centres will be introduced from October 11 this year.

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