December 18, 2020

      Availability of LMT services and devices

      Taking into account the restrictions imposed in the country, we invite you to purchase devices and services on LMT e-store by choosing the purchase options we offer.

      • By courier (free of charge service)
      • Fast delivery on the same day for purchases which are processed on e-store until 15.00 within the territory of Riga (7 €)
      • At LMT Customer Service Centre

      Changes in the operation of the Customer Service Centres
      Customer Service Centres are at your disposal, however, please pay attention to the opening hours for the end of the year HERE.

      Currently there is a limited range of products and services available in the Customer Service Centres. You will be able to purchase smartphones, button phones and prepaid cards, as well as process various services (hand over a device for repair, change the router and Smart TV equipment, connect internet services, replace a SIM card, insure a device, activate new LMT number and come to LMT retaining your number etc.).

      All devices and services that are currently not available at the Customer Service Centres can be easily purchased on LMT e-store. Also, Smart TV!

      Shop by phone!
      We offer the opportunity to order devices and Smart TV by phone and pick up the purchase there on the same day. The purchases can be picked up by the following LMT Customer Service Centres – choose the most convenient for you!

      • t/c Rīga Plaza, phone 22022332
      • t/c Akropole, phone 28011203
      • t/c Spice, phone 26499881
      • t/c Mols, phone 26443001
      • t/c Alfa, phone 26455777
      • t/c Damme, phone 29248180
      • Brīvības centrs, Ģertrūdes iela 12, phone 29401155
      • LMT, Ropažu iela 6, phone 29248178
      • t/c Origo SIS, phone 29402277
      • t/c Domina, phone 29401188
      • t/c Sāga, phone 29459493


      • Valmiera, Rīgas iela 9, phone 26160003
      • Valmiera, "Valleta", phone 29222050
      • Sigulda, “Šokolāde”, phone 26342434
      • Cēsis, Vienības laukums 2, phone 29248585
      • Ogre, "Dauga", phone 29402299
      • Alūksne, Lielā ezera iela 2, phone 26639565
      • Gulbene, Rīgas iela 42, phone 28355065
      • Madona, "Rimi", phone 26160006


      • Liepāja, Jaunā Ostmala 3/5, phone 29111686
      • Liepāja, Zivju iela 4, phone 26601614
      • Ventspils, "Tobago", phone 29248587
      • Saldus, "Rimi", phone 26333556


      • Jelgava, “Pasāža”, phone 29113223
      • Jelgava, "Valdeka", phone 26444320
      • Tukums, "Rimi", phone 26444124
      • Bauska, "Rimi", phone 29348019
      • Dobele, Uzvaras iela 1, phone 26444020

      • Daugavpils, "Solo", phone 26404404 
      • Rēzekne, "Rimi", phone 26566288
      • Balvi, "Planēta", phone 29110022

      Wishing you a peaceful Christmas!

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