May 30, 2019

      5 reasons IN FAVOUR OF a smartphone for seniors

      #1 It is so simple
      As anything new, it might not seem so at first, but the smartphone may be "upgraded" for easy to use. The first is to try – then you will soon absorb, get used to it and make a well-trodden path! Moreover, LMT customers have a 24-hour toll-free informative hotline 80768076 at their disposal, and one can also go and ask for advice or help at any LMT store – LMT emplyees will kindly explain and show you everything you need.

      #2 Photo and video camera
      All smartphones have good photo and video cameras. They are easy to use and designed to bring every picture and filmed video closer to professional level. With the smartphone a photo and video camera is always within reach!

      #3 Always with your family and friends
      No matter how often you meet your family and friends, your smartphone has the ability to keep track of and contact them at any time. Social networks and families, friend chat rooms or chats have increasingly become a modern “family table” where to meet the loved ones.

      #4 Payment of bills
      The new banking security requirements provide for the use of a smartphone instead of code cards. The smartphone will be a great assistant for you to pay your daily bills quickly and easily – in the internet bank.

      #5 News and inquiries, entertainment
      The smartphone will show you the public transportation schedules, and also navigate in the maps how to get where you have to get. There you can find, read and browse the latest news or find any other information you may need everyday or in case of emergency. With your smartphone you can access various audio books, solve crossword puzzles, listen radio, watch your favourite serials, shows and films. Of course, you can access an e-mail and much more on your smartphone.

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