Environmental analytics and surveillance

      Video analytics, video surveillance and security solutions for various monitored objects for both business and municipalities.

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      In our wide range of products and solutions, we will be able to find the one that suits you best, so that you can observe and analyse what is happening in the area.

      Environmental analytics solution

      A video analytics solution for data collection and selection, which analyses real-time video streams with the help of artificial intelligence and displays the results in the form of statistics. This will allow you to monitor different areas, recognize and classify objects, as well as analyse the flow and direction of movement.

      The solution can be connected to any IP camera – no need to buy additional devices.

      User interface
      Detailed object recording
      Intelligent zone monitoring
      Monitoring of traffic flows
      Video archive postprocessing
      Monitoring of parking lots

      Privacy comes first

      The solution does not analyse and store personal data

      Automatic anonymization

      Video streams are automatically anonymized

      Complies with GDPR standards

      Data processing agreement drawn up for the customer security

      Types of solution application

      By connecting to existing security cameras, the solution's technology can automatically recognize various object behaviour patterns, such as the direction of movement of people and vehicles, demographical and other real-time data, which can be easily viewed in the solution's interface.

      • Road traffic and load monitoring
      • Detection of city flow (cars, bicycles, people, etc.)
      • Making statistics before and after object reconstructions
      • Measuring the return of outdoor advertising
      • Monitoring of different areas
      • Determining human behaviour in a retail environment

      How does it work


      The solution can be connected to any IP camera to create real-time or historical AI-powered analysis.


      Once the camera is connected, choose which objects to count and define important areas using virtual sensors.


      Once the cameras are set up and running, you can use the analytics section to assess the current situation.


      Use data to assess the current situation and make decisions about business improvement or development.

      Video analytics licence

      Licence for one camera

      • Minimum subscription period – 1 month
      • Within the scope of the license, it is possible to switch analytics to another camera

      Solution interface

      • Data availability 24/7
      • Data display, management, export

      User support

      • Training materials
      • Informative and technical support




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