What is Google Play?

      Google PlayTM is a supermarket of infinite entertainment in your AndroidTM phone, tablet or TV. Wide range of options – games, movies, music, TV, and books, as well as various mobile apps for comfortable and fascinating life. Thousands of new discoveries await you!

      Google Play Movies

      Buy or rent your favorite or latest movies, before they are sold on DVDs.

      What does LMT offer?

      You can now easily pay for Your purchases at Google Play – we will include the purchase price in Your LMT invoice or deduct from Your LMT Card. This option can be activated in Your Android phone or tablet with an LMT SIM card, though You will be also able to use it in Android TV TM devices (service not available in computers).


      Activate the LMT payment option at the Google Play mobile app in an Android phone or tablet with an LMT SIM card.

      1. Open the “Account” section at Google Play.
      2. Open “Payment types” and choose “Use LMT payment”.
      3. If required, enter Your contact details that will be saved in your Google account.
      4. Read and agree to Google and LMT terms and conditions.
      5. LMT payments have been added to your Google account. When you buy apps, games, movies, etc. choose “Charge my LMT account”.

      How to buy

      • Choose an app, a game or any other offer!

      • Click on the price and confirm that you want to buy with an LMT payment.

      • Purchase price will be included in the next LMT invoice or charged to your LMT Karte.


      • This payment option is available to all LMT customers unless premium-rate services have been disabled and if the respective tariff plan allows to send text messages.

      • Maximum value of one purchase is 30.00 €. Additional limits may be imposed depending on credit limits.

      • Monthly limit for Google Play purchases is 70.00 € (per calendar month). If You wish to buy more, choose “Cancel monthly limit for premium-rate services”. It can be done at My LMT, as well as at all LMT Customer Centers.

      • Here you can find out how to get detailed information on your Google Play purchases. If you need a tax invoice, please ask your service provider.

      • Please read recommendations on safe use and the indicated terms and conditions (lv).

      • You have to pay seller’s price for the content.

      • Purchases are returned according to Google terms and conditions (lv).

      • Here you can find FAQ about Google Play.

      Android, Android TV, Google Play and Google Play logos are the trade marks of Google Inc.