Call Manager

      Don't miss a single call

      A solution for organising company calls that also provides the functions of an Office PBX on a mobile phone.


      Call statistics

      See call details on My LMT:

      • real-time list of incoming and outgoing calls;
      • graphical analysis of incoming and outgoing calls and the possibility to download all data in an Excel file;
      • statistics on the volume of calls and calls answered for each employee;
      • missed calls - information about unanswered calls that have not been answered by anyone in your company during the day.

      Number selection

      You can choose the number that will be shown to the recipient of the call. It is useful to have the company`s customer service number shown, rather than the mobile number of the employee, when calling customers.

      First, My LMT shows the outgoing numbers available to the employee from your company`s LMT numbers. Once this has been done, the employee will be able to specify on their phone in the Call Manager app which of the allowed numbers will be presented to the recipient at the time of the call.

      Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

      An automatic message is played to the caller, and you can choose, for example, the language or topic of the call. Depending on the situation, you can change the notifications and menus yourself within 5-10 minutes via My LMT.

      Useful if you have several departments and want customers to call a single number from which the call is automatically routed to the right recipient.

      Call recording

      Record all calls you receive and make, or only those that happen during your business hours.

      In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and the EU GDPR Regulation, records are stored on LMT`s server in encrypted form. You can listen to the recordings by decrypting them with a key that is only accessible to you. If the key is lost, it cannot be recovered.

      Records are kept for 6 months, after which they are permanently deleted.

      Important! If a conversation is recorded, it is your responsibility to inform the persons involved of the recording and the purpose of the processing. To make it easier for you to remember, you can only activate call recording with a voice announcement before the call.

      Control of working time

      Determine how incoming calls are routed according to your working hours. My LMT can specify working hours for the whole company, as well as individually for each employee.

      Outside office hours, you can play an automated announcement for the caller, activate Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or transfer the call to another employee.

      Group calls

      The ability for multiple staff to answer calls from the same number. It is useful if more than one person answers the order or service phone.

      First, My LMT establishes employee divisions. One company number can be included in several groups at the same time. Assign a number to each group. Once this is done, the call received at the group number will ring all members of the group in a random or set order.


      My LMT can activate voicemail for specific employees. If a notification is left, you will be notified by an app message (notification) on your phone, and you can also set up to receive these messages by email.

      You can listen to voice notifications in the Call Manager app on your phone. Your company`s responsible person can listen to the voicemail messages of all company numbers on My LMT.

      Useful when you are driving and need to pass on information to a colleague who is currently unavailable.

      Call forwarding

      The ability to transfer a call to another employee during a call using the ATX or BTX icon on the phone screen.

      • ATX (attendant transfer) – transfer with consultation, i.e. talk to the colleague you want to transfer the call to before transferring it.
      • BTX (blind transfer) – transfer the call instantly.


      Possibility to connect to other information systems, e.g. CRM or ERP systems.

      The API connection contains information about historical and real-time calls. API technical information is available HERE.


      The ability to connect Call Manager to more than 5,000 other information systems via Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate to automate various tasks and workflows.

      Call Manager PRO

      Receive and organise calls more efficiently with this additional service.

      • Forward calls to any number in Latvia.
      • For each Call Manager user number, you can assign up to 2 additional devices that support SIP protocol – softphone (program on your computer, for example, microsip), desk phone (LMT offer available HERE(lv)).



      To start using Call Manager, you will need to sign a contract to use the service.


      Once the contract is signed, contact your customer advisor at the LMT Customer Centre or e-mail

      • which numbers you want to use the Call Manager functionality for and display statistics on, i.e., you need to connect to the Call Manager service;

      • which numbers you want to record your calls for, i.e., connect to Call Manager with call recording;

      • which numbers will be able to configure calls to all company numbers via My LMT, i.e., you need to activate the Call Manager "administrator" role;

      • which numbers will be able to see call statistics for all numbers and access all voicemail notifications via My LMT, i.e., you need to activate the Call Manager "viewer" role;

      • which numbers will have access to call recordings, i.e., you need to activate the Call Manager "Listener" role.

      One number can have one, two or all three roles.


      Before you start using the service, each My LMT number must contain the name, e-mail address and available features of the employee. This is done by whoever is connected to the Call Manager role "Administrator". Now you can start configuring your call routes!


      When you connect the service, you will automatically receive a link to download the CALL MANAGER app. You need to download an app from the AppStore or PlayStore to use number dialling, call forwarding and listen to voice notifications on your phone.


      • Connecting the service – free
      • Service subscription fee – 5.40 €/month per user
      • Call recording – 1.60 €/month per user
      • Call Manager role "viewer" – free
      • Call Manager role "administrator" – free
      • Call Manager role "listener" – free
      • Call Manager PRO functionality (regardless of the number of users) – 49.00 €/month


      • This service is for use while in Latvia. The service is not fully functional abroad – the statistics do not show calls made from abroad, and you cannot use the app`s features.
      • Connecting the Call Manager service disables the "SMS about calls" service, as both services cannot operate at the same time.
      • The service is fully activated the next working day after connection.
      • The app must have a continuous data connection to function properly (the app may malfunction when you are driving your vehicle). The quality of voice calls is not affected by the app.
      • The app works more stable with the latest versions of Android.
      • Please refer to the following Annexes to the Contract:

        -Terms and conditions for the "Call Recording" service feature(lv);

        -Terms and conditions of the LMT Call Manager service contract(lv);

        -Terms and conditions on personal data processing(lv).

        LMT partner to maintain the service and ensure its functionality: OSS Networks SIA (Unified Registration No. 50103316201).

      • In accordance with the principles of personal data protection, LMT takes technical and organisational measures to protect the recordings, including storing them in encrypted form on LMT servers.
      • Before using LMT services, please read the data processing information provided by LMT. With regard to data processing carried out by the LMT customer (the legal entity using this service) itself as the data controller within the scope of this service, please refer to the data processing overview provided by the specific data controller. The controller shall be solely responsible for the processing of data under its control and for the exercise of the rights of individuals relating thereto. As a data controller, LMT pays the utmost attention to these issues. Within the scope of the services provided by LMT, we process data only to the extent and for the period of time required by the nature of the service and the requirements of the binding laws and regulations. The CALL MANAGER service may process basic data, such as the connection number, content data transmitted as part of the service, as well as electronic communications metadata, including traffic data – information related to the provision of electronic communications services. The purpose of the data processed is to enable the performance of the selected service, including the related quality assurance, billing and resolution of reported issues, if any, as well as compliance with binding laws and regulations. The basis for data processing is the requested LMT service and the implementation of related laws and regulations. Such processing is a precondition for the execution of the transaction, and failure to provide the data may partially or completely delay or interrupt the provision of the transaction. LMT customer has the right to exercise the rights set out in laws and regulations with respect to his/her data. For more information on LMT`s data protection and data processing rights, see LMT Privacy Policy.

      • In order to provide the best possible customer experience and a more complete use of LMT services, LMT may contact you (by phone, text message, e-mail or web browser message) during the use of services regarding administration and use of the service.
      • Call Manager technical support phone +371 67773999, e-mail

      All fees are in €, excl. VAT.