No call left unanswered


      To make your company reachable outside of working hours, record a professional greeting in the VOICEMAIL. If you find it important that callers get the latest information every time (e.g., about working hours on holidays), you can easily change the greeting. If not, record a greeting and do not change it in the future.

      The caller will hear your information and will have the opportunity to leave you a message – you will receive a message about it. You can listen to the messages left whenever you want by calling the Voicemail number from your own or another number.



      Connect service at My LMT, any LMT Customer Centre or ask your customer consultant.

      Setting up

      1) Select the language of your Voicemail.

      Call the number that corresponds to the Voicemail language and listen to the introduction. The Voicemail will tell you what to do, how to record a greeting for callers and how to set a password so that no one else can listen to your messages – just follow the instructions!

      Voicemail languageForwarding number

      2) Forward calls to Voicemail.

      For your Voicemail to receive calls, forward your calls to the number that corresponds the Voicemail language. You can forward all calls or individual calls under special conditions.

      If you lose your phone or in other cases, you can also set up all call forwarding at My LMT.


      Listening to messages

      You can listen to Voicemail messages at any time by calling the number that corresponds to the Voicemail language. You can do it from your own or another number.

      • If you are calling from a number with the Voicemail attached, enter and confirm the password with the symbol #.

      • If you are calling from another number: enter your mobile phone number in local format (8 digits) and confirm with the symbol #, then enter your password and the symbol #.

      After authorization of the password, before each message the number of the caller will be announced. To access the basic Voicemail features, listen to the messages from the beginning or pause them by pressing the symbol *.


      • Service connection fee 2.85 €.
      • Subscription fee – 0.00 €/month.
      • Call forwarding in the LMT network – free of charge.
      • If you have set up call forwarding and you are abroad, you will have to pay for listening to Voicemail messages depending on their duration.


      • If your Voicemail receives a call from a number that has Caller ID Blocking activated, the caller`s number will not be played before listening to the message left for you.

      • If the caller does not wait for a signal and disconnects during the greeting, you will not receive a text message about the call to the Voicemail.
      • All messages left in your Voicemail, regardless of whether you have listened to them or not, are stored indefinitely – until you delete them.
      • Before using LMT services, please read the data processing information provided by LMT. As a data controller, LMT pays the greatest attention to these issues. As part of the services provided by LMT, we process data only in the necessary amount and period, which results from the nature of the service and the requirements of the binding laws and regulations. Basic data, such as connection number, etc., data of transmitted content, as well as electronic communications metadata, including load data – information related to the provision of electronic communications services, may be processed within the framework of the VOICEMAIL service. The purpose of the data to be processed is to implement the execution of the selected service, including ensuring the related quality, payments and solving the reported issues, if they arise, as well as the execution of the binding laws and regulations. The basis of data processing is the requested LMT service and the implementation of related laws and regulations. Such processing is a prerequisite for the execution of the transaction, and failure to provide data may partially or completely delay or terminate the provision of the transaction. With regard to his/her data, the LMT client has the right to exercise the rights set forth in the laws and regulations. More information about LMT`s data protection and rights in the field of data processing is available in LMT Privacy Policy.

      • In order to ensure the best possible customer experience and more complete possibilities of using LMT services, LMT may contact you (by phone, by sending a text message, e-mail or a message in the internet browser) during the use of the services regarding issues of service administration and use.

      All fees are indicated in € excluding VAT.