March 15, 2020

      We kindly ask to use LMT services remotely

      At present, almost all LMT Customer Service Centres are open, however, due to health risks to our customers and employees we gradually change to completely remote servicing.

      LMT service activities: change of connections, payment of bills, activation of new services etc. HERE

      Equipment purchasing at LMT e-store: HERE

      We will answer your questions on Facebook and Twitter, and by phone 80768076.

      Find answers to FAQ under chapter #StayAtHome!

      Business hours of LMT Customer Service Centres are dynamically changing, get the latest updates HERE.

      Services available at LMT Customer Service Centres in case of emergency

      a SIM card

       Quick purchase
      of equipment

          Payment for the purchase –
      only by card

      If an employee of the LMT Customer Service Centre observes the signs of possible illness of the customer, he or she has the right not to serve the customer.

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