October 19, 2017

      Higher turnover and more customers for LMT

      Due to the popularity of the mobile Internet and solutions for the Internet of things, the turnover of Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT) grew by 6% in 2016 reaching 190 million euro. The number of LMT connections increased to 1,210,000 – 78,000 more than in 2015.

      The profitability (EBITDA*) grew by 6%, reaching 62.4 million euro or 32.9% in 2016. The net profits amounted to 22.3 million euro, the same as a year ago. We also maintained the same level of investment in communications infrastructure as in 2015 – 28.4 million euro.

      Last year the consumption of data in our network almost doubled growing by 45%. According to Tefficient, the leading telecommunications analytics company, in 2016 Latvia was one of the global leaders as to the consumption of mobile data. We were overtaken just by Finland, but were ahead of such OECD countries as Sweden, South Korea and the USA. As to our neighbors, Estonia was only number ten, but Lithuania even lower.

      LMT was one of the first in the whole world to introduce home smart TV in its 4G mobile network last year. It brought about positive changes in the TV market, though our smart TV continues to be unique. You do not have to watch what the operator offers you, as in our smart TV you can choose the content like in a smart phone. 

      Mobile TV LMT Straume that is also available through the LMT smart TV has become more and more popular. in 2016 LMT Straume offered live coverage in more than 500 cases, as well as various videos with more than 3.1 million views. As an innovative media platform, it was also awarded the “Celmlauža balva” by the National Electronic Mass Media Council.

      Juris Binde, the President of LMT, underlined, “LMT will continue to introduce innovative services that will allow Latvia to strengthen its position as a telecommunications leader and maybe even become a smart country. Discovery of new solutions for the Internet of things in cooperation with its customers and partners will be a priority for the LMT this year – from a smart house to a smart infrastructure for the state. As technologies develop and 5G becomes a reality, mobile networks do not serve just as a telephone or an Internet connection for a computer any more. It means that countries compete in the global market to determine which of them will be able to use advantages of the new technologies more efficiently.”

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