June 29, 2018

      Changes to M2M Solution

      IoT and M2M solutions rapidly increase their popularity among LMT customers, so from 1 August this year we bring new trends in this niche wishing to offer more modern and more affordable services.

      M2M 4

      • Subscription fee will be reduced – 3.50 €/month.
      • Subscription fee will contain 200 SMS and 200 MMS, and the amount of data included is increased – 200 MB for use in Latvia and EEA countries.

      M2M2 and POS terminal

      • Monthly fee will include 100 SMS and 100 MMS, and data amount in Latvia is increased – 100 MB.


      • All types of M2M offer an extra SMS, MMS and internet in Latvia (M2M 4 – also in EEA countries) for a unified fee – 0.05 €/unit or MB.
      • From 01.08.2018 a new type of M2M is offered – an excellent choice for the customers who require Machine-to-machine solution and provides for small data, SMS and MMS consumption at a minimum monthly fee – 0.61 € per month.

      Enjoy your summer and let the technologies work for you! :)

      All fees are indicated in € (VAT inclusive).

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