Shared pleasure – double pleasure!

      Do you want to send greetings to your friend with a nice picture? Did you spot a funny situation or an impressive advertisement? Take pictures with your mobile phone and send MMS! It is a great opportunity to share bright impressions and unforgettable moments with friends, to inform or remind about something not only with the help of text, but also with pictures!

      • Send photo, video and audio files

      • Convenient and easy to use

      • Extremely low cost


      In order to send and receive MMS from your phone, you don't need to connect to the service and you don't need to sign up for it – send whenever you want! This option is already connected to all LMT customers. 


      If you have an older phone model, please make sure that the MMS parameters are set on the phone. They can also be set automatically by sending a text message MMSP to the number 1688. You will receive the parameters in a text message, and all you have to do is save them.

      If your phone does not provide automatic setting of parameters, please refer to the user manual of the phone and set the MMS parametres manually.

      If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us – we will help!


      You can send MMS from your mobile phone.

      • Choose which photo, video or audio file you want to send.

      • If necessary, add text.

      • Press “Send”.

      • Your MMS will be on its way to a friend instantly!


      • MMS can be sent to LMT, Tele2 and Bite customers.

      • If you want to disable the possibility of receiving MMS on your phone, send the message MMS– to the number 1688. When you change your mind, reconnect MMS by sending an MMS+ text message to the same number.


      • The MMS service has no connection or subscription fees.

      • Internet connection is required for sending and receiving MMS.

      • If you are a VIP user of the FREEDOM or FREEDOM IN EUROPE VIP plan, sending MMS in Latvia is FREE! For users of the tariff plan MINI – 0.07 €.

      • MMS sending to Tele2 and Bite network for users of mobile internet services (internet on a computer or tablet) – 0.06 €/per MMS.

      • Sending and receiving MMS in foreign countries is charged according to the amount of internet consumed according to the tariffs set by the foreign operator. If you are going abroad, check it out what the Internet while Travelling offers you!