Time-tested communication in new quality!

      Still faced with the need to send and receive faxes on a daily basis? Connect LMT Fax Transmission service and do it in a modern and convenient way – on the internet! You don’t need a fax machine anymore!

      • Easy to connect, easy to use – send and receive faxes at My LMT
      • Receive a free text message when a fax arrives
      • Protect the environment, save time and money – no printing and waiting for a fax


      The Fax Transmission service can be connected by a user of any LMT voice tariff plan. It is most convenient to do it in My LMT, but you can also do it in any LMT Customer Centre. You will be able to choose your fax number at the time of connection.


      • Sending and receiving faxes take place in My LMT – like in a central office, where all received and sent faxes are available in PDF format. Sending a fax is easy – attach a DOC, XLS, PPT, or PDF document, enter the recipient's fax number, confirm sending, and your fax will be sent.
      • In My LMT, you can make various additional settings that will make the use of Fax Transmission more convenient.
      • Receive a free notification text message about a new fax (with a link to a PDF document).
      • Receive all new faxes in your e-mail as well.
      • Specify another LMT number to which you want to receive all notification text messages.
      • My LMT stores the last 50 faxes.
      • Enter My LMT and check the other options as well!
      • If your mobile phone provides classic fax transmission – the ability to receive faxes, you can also use the Alternative Solution: receive and send faxes in Latvia in the coverage area of the LMT GSM network, as well as in the networks of foreign operators. Please make sure that your mobile phone supports the service or that your mobile phone supports the use of the service and that the fax transmission parameters are set – refer to the phone user manual or the phone manufacturer's website.

      Please note!

      If you choose the Alternative Solution, Fax Transmission and the options it offers will not be available on the My LMT website.


      • Unconditional forwarding to LMT number +37129202017 is activated for the fax number. If forwarding is canceled (for example, you have activated cancellation of all forwarding on your phone), then the faxes will not arrive. To receive faxes again, enter My LMT and reconnect the service free of charge, thus restoring forwarding. If you use the Alternative Solution, forwarding is not necessary.
      • Fax Transmission can be disabled in My LMT, as well as by submitting a written application at any LMT Customer Centre.
      • If the LMT voice connection is temporarily closed, the fax number will also be unavailable at that time. All service settings and faxes in My LMT are saved, but you will be able to access them and send and receive new faxes again from the moment you resume using the connection.
      • When you close the LMT voice connection, the fax number will also be closed. However, if you change your mind, we will reserve your fax number for 90 days and will not offer it to other customers. All settings and faxes stored in My LMT are deleted.
      • Fax cannot be sent to 900 series numbers.


      • Connection – free of charge!
      • Receiving a fax – free of charge!
      • Subscription – 1.72 €
      • Assigning a special fax number – 17.22 €
      • Read the tariffs for sending faxes!
      Where to sendTariff for A4 sheet
      Other countries0.1412
      Satellite networks 1, Satellite networks 2, Satellite networks 34.3042
      • Changing the service to the Alternative Solution is free of charge.

      For users of the Alternative Solution, receiving faxes in Latvia is free of charge. Sending faxes is charged according to the call rates of your tariff plan, depending on the duration of sending fax.