Cost control


      Determine your costs yourself!

      Want to control your expenses for mobile communications? Turn on Cost Control and specify the monthly amount that you do not want to exceed. When it is reached, we will send you an informative text message.

      • Avoid unplanned spending
      • Simple connection, convenient administration
      • Friendly costs


      It`s so simple – connect here on the internet

      Cost Control can also be connected via text message – send KONTROLE or K and the desired amount to the number 1651 and wait for a confirmation text message that the service has been connected.


      The most convenient way to administer Cost Control is in My LMT – there you can connect, disconnect, specify the limits of the amount and the time when you want to receive informative text messages. But if you want, you can also do it via text messages. Look at the table to find out what to do and send text messages to the number 1651.

      DescriptionKeywordSMS textClarification
      Connect Cost ControlKONTROLE or K



      K X


      KONTROLE 5

      K 3,50

      X – the amount you don`t want to exceed. Specify the amount in euros and cents (from €1.00 to €999.99). Euros and cents can be separated by a period or a comma.
      Allow to send a text message at any time of the dayDN





      X – the amount you don`t want to exceed. # – separator symbol.
      Indicate that you want to receive the text message between 10.00 to 20.00D




      X – the amount you don`t want to exceed. # – separator symbol. If you reach the specified amount, for example at 20.15, you will receive a text message the next day at 10.00.
      Find out the status of the serviceINFOINFOThe option to find out whether you have connected the service, the amount you have chosen and the time of receiving the text message.
      Disable the serviceSTOPSTOPCost Control will no longer work and you will no longer receive a text message about the amount limit reached.

      Please remember! If you do not specify the D or DN parameter, you will receive an informative text message at the moment when your specified amount is reached – and this can happen at any time of the day.


      • Immediately after connecting the service, you will receive a reply message about the amount spent this month. If the alert amount limit has not yet been reached, the text message is free of charge.
      • Accounting of the amount starts on the 1st day of each month and continues until the end of the month. Please remember that there may be a delay in receiving information about services provided abroad, so this amount will be included in the next month`s invoice.
      • The amount includes spending on services used in the LMT network and abroad – calls, text messages and the internet, but does not include monthly fees, etc. costs calculated at the time of invoicing.
      • You can change the amount limits as often as you need, just remember that you have to pay for the activation text message every time.


      If you have several LMT connection numbers registered under your name, and you want to be sure about the spending of users of these numbers, Cost Control+ will be useful. When the specific user of the number has reached your set monthly amount, we will send you a text message and, if you wish, also to the user of the number.

      • You can administer Cost Control+ (connect and disconnect, specify desired amounts and recipients of informative text messages, as well as the time to receive the text message) only in My LMT, by authorizing with Smart-ID, eSignature or internet banking.

      • You can change the amount limits for each number as often as you want – there are no restrictions!
      • If the user of the number has reached the limit of the amount set by you, you can prevent him/her from making calls, sending text messages and surfing the Internet until the end of the month. From the 1st date of next month, all these services will be available again!


      • Cost Control administration text messages sent to number 1651 are charged according to your tariff plan.

      • Cost Control activation text message – 0.36 €
      • Informative text message about the reached monthly limit – 0.14 €
      • Possibility to close the use of services for a specific number, if you are a Cost Control+ user – 0.70 €
      • Before using LMT services, please read the data processing information provided by LMT. As a data controller, LMT pays the greatest attention to these issues. As part of the services provided by LMT, we process data only to the necessary extent and time period, which results from the nature of the service and the requirements of binding laws and regulations. As part of the COST CONTROL service, basic data can be processed, such as connection number, etc., as well as electronic communications metadata, including load data – information related to the provision of electronic communications services. The purpose of the data to be processed is to implement the performance of the selected service, including ensuring the related quality, payments and resolution of the reported issues, if they arise, as well as the execution of the binding laws and regulations. The basis of data processing is the requested LMT service and the implementation of related laws and regulations. Such processing is a prerequisite for the execution of the transaction, and failure to provide data may partially or completely delay or terminate the provision of the transaction. With regard to his/her data, the LMT customer has the right to exercise the rights set forth in the laws and regulations. More information about LMT`s data protection and rights in the field of data processing is available in LMT Privacy Policy.

      All fees are specified in €, VAT inclusive.