Internet via Handset

      Activated! Use in Europe without worry.

      You have at your disposal many specialized applications that facilitate work in various everyday situations, and always available information for making quick decisions. Choose the required amount of internet or enjoy real freedom with "Independence" – internet on your phone without volume and speed limits.

      Options and costs

      Unified internet volume within the EEA countries

      When using up the included amount of internet in EEA countries outside of Latvia, we offer to use Internet while Travelling options.

      Internet outside the EEA countries

      You can use the internet wherever you want, even outside the EEA countries. Find out the terms and costs of using the internet around the world.

      How to start using

      Connect the service at My LMT, at any LMT Customer Centre or ask your customer consultant.

      A larger amount of internet can also be connected via text message. Send 1GB, 2GB, 3GB or IT (if you want Independence) to the number 1688.

      If you change your mind and want to disable or change the internet volume to a smaller one, you can do it once during a calendar month.

      Summaries of agreements

      Summary of agreement: Independence

      Summary of agreement: 1 GB

      Summary of agreement: 2 GB

      Summary of agreement: 3 GB


      • The service allows you to enjoy the internet according to the selected technology and location. Here you will find various questions and comprehensive answers about data transmission technologies and features, as well as about the quality of electronic communication services, incl. download and upload speeds.

      • If you are using an older phone model and it is not configured for internet use, send a request text message PG to the number 1688. In the reply message, you will receive configuration parameters that must be saved in the phone`s memory. If your phone does not provide receiving the parameters via text message, you must configure the parameters yourself.

      • LMT internet services offer wide usage opportunities, however, in order to provide all customers with the opportunity to enjoy quality services, they are not intended for further service provision to third parties. If the LMT services are used in a way that is not intended for them, the systems can automatically limit or even stop the provision of the service. Please read the Fair Use Policy of LMT Services.

      • In other EEA countries outside of Latvia, the scope of fair usage is determined by the EU Fair Usage Policy in accordance with the Roaming Regulation of the European Union. This amount changes periodically. Please follow the information on the LMT website.

      • You have the opportunity to choose internet in any EEA country with a tariff per unit (fee per MB – 0.05 €).
      • Due to significant changes in the scope of included services, until 01.04.2017. the applied discounts and special conditions are no longer applied to the new "Internet via Handset" service.
      • LMT internet accounting system is based on 1024 MB accounting model.
      • If you do not want to take advantage of the internet on your phone, the service can be turned off by My LMT. If you want to change the amount of internet to a smaller one, you can do it once during a calendar month.
      • Every LMT customer has the opportunity to use Mobile content services and enjoy Mobile payment benefits.

      • Before using LMT services, please read the data processing information provided by LMT. As a data controller, LMT pays the greatest attention to these issues. As part of the services provided by LMT, we process data only in the necessary amount and period, which results from the nature of the service and the requirements of the binding laws and regulations. As part of the "Internet via Handset" service, basic data can be processed, such as connection number, etc., as well as electronic communications metadata, including load data – information related to the provision of electronic communications services. The purpose of the data to be processed is to carry out the execution of the selected service, including ensuring the related quality, payments and solving the reported issues, if they arise, as well as the execution of the binding laws and regulations. The basis of data processing is the requested LMT service and the implementation of related laws and regulations. Such processing is a prerequisite for the execution of the transaction, and failure to provide data may partially or completely delay or terminate the provision of the transaction. With regard to his or her data, the LMT customer has the right to exercise the rights set forth in the laws and regulations. More information about LMT data protection and rights in the field of data processing is available in LMT Privacy Policy.

      • In order to ensure the best possible customer experience and more complete possibilities of using LMT services, during the use of services LMT can contact you (by phone, by sending a text message, e-mail or a message in the internet browser) about issues of service administration and use.

      All charges in €, excl. VAT.