Installment Agreement

      It is an opportunity to pay for a smartphone, a tablet, a computer or any other device by installments.

      Your benefits

      Down payment

      You can make a down payment at the time of purchase and reduce your monthly payment.

      Available to anyone in Latvia

      Not only to our customers, but also customers of other operators.

      Determine how long to pay

      You can determine the deadline by which you would like to settle your balance.


      The cost does not change irrespective of whether you pay the whole amount at the moment of purchase or enter into an Installment Agreement and pay by installments. The last monthly installment may differ from other installments.



      Samsung  Galaxy Tab A9+
      Samsung Galaxy Tab A9

      Questions and answers

      * We are interested in successful long-term cooperation, so the provision of the service may be refused if there is insufficient information about the customer's ability to fulfil obligations.