You can call 15 friends – LMT postpaid services customers – before or after the depletion of your LMT Karte balance, if they have agreed to pay for your calls. You do not have to pay for this call.

      Send commands to 29319944

      Texting commands for users of LMT Karte

      SOS-call can be activated and managed by means of texting commands. All texting commands should be sent* to 29319944.

      Create a list of numbersV V#XXXXXXXX
      Create a list with one or several numbers.
      XXXXXXXX – connection number of the LMT postpaid services customer who will receive and pay for your calls.
      Delete numbers from the listD D#XXXXXXXX
      Delete one, several or all numbers. XXXXXXXX – connection number of the LMT postpaid services customer that has to be deleted from the list.
      View the list of numbersSSReceive the list of numbers of those LMT postpaid services customers who accept and pay for your calls.
      Help message??Receive an explanation about the commands used for this service.
      Explanatory message?X?Receive an explanation about a specific command. X – the respective keyword. For example, V?

      Please note!

      • You can pay for texting commands only from your account balance.
      • If an LMT postpaid services customer refuses to continue to pay for your calls to him or her, you will receive a notification.
      • If your LMT Karte expires or you become an LMT postpaid services customer, your list will be deleted. The list will not be reinstated, if you refill your LMT Karte after the use-by date.
      How to get started
      Complete information about the SOS-call that applies to LMT postpaid customer

      * Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the right of wirhdrawal(lv). In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.