Technical services

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      Installation of video cameras, television sets, routers etc. devices, and connection into a single network. Exploring of your current IT infrastructure and development of the best solution, as well as installation and troubleshooting.



      • On-site technical consultation

        Advice on the existing IT and technical solution, device signal sensitivity diagnostics, analysis of existing solution and needs, object research, including making a cost estimate, if necessary.

      • Wi-Fi router configuration (1 router)

        Installation and configuration of a router purchased at LMT – best location detection, router connection, verification of router signal parameters, change of administrator’s password, speed test measurement.

      • Connection of devices to Wi-Fi network (max. 3 devices)

        Connection of video cameras, television sets etc. devices purchased at LMT to the existing Wi-Fi network (if the devices should be attached to the wall, choose the service TECHNICAL SERVICES 2).


      • Installation of devices (max. 3 devices)

        Attachment (at a height of up to 5 m), configuration of video cameras, television sets etc. IoT purchased at LMT, and connection to the router or central remote control.

      • Installation of devices at a height of up to 5 m

        Installing an antenna amplifier, installation and configuration of “Internet for Home II” devices (outdoor router and indoor router) at a height of up to 5 m. If the device must be installed higher and a special mast and/or cable longer than 15 m is needed for mounting, select the service TECHNICAL SERVICES PLUS.

      • Simplified LAN construction

        LAN network construction for up to 3 workplaces, up to 30 m long cable (if construction of cable guide is needed as well, select the service TECHNICAL SERVICES PLUS).


      Carrying out of complex works, such as indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi network construction, comprising object research, solution development, equipment selection, configuration etc., and installation of various equipment, damage repair etc.


      The most convenient way to apply for the service is at My LMT (lv) but you can also apply for the service at Customer Service Centre or at your customer consultant.

      Upon receipt of your application, but not later than within 2 business day you will be contacted by a specialist to clarify the work to be done and agree on the time of the visit.


      Service Fee
      Technical services 1
      45 €
      Technical services 2
      75 €
      Technical services PLUS
      Based on the estimate


      • By applying for a visit, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms (lv), fees, payment procedure of the service and LMT Privacy Policy, as well as in case of need you allow the work to be accepted by another person.

      • By applying for a visit at My LMT, the requested information must be specified precisely. Incorrectly filled in applications may prolong the time of receiving the service.
      • If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule your visit, please notify us at least 24 h in advance, by calling 67773105 (working days from 8:00 to 17:00).
      • The fixed fee of the service is a one-off payment which is included in the next LMT invoice.
      • The service is available only to LMT customers and only in the territory of Latvia.

      All charges in €, incl. VAT.