Peace of mind is just a call away

      SOS-Call is an opportunity to feel safe and calm – LMT Karte users you care about will be able to call you even when the LMT Karte advance is over, as long as you agree that the fee for these calls is included in your invoice.


      With SOS-Call, your parents, children or friends who are LMT Karte users can call you both when the LMT Karte advance is not over yet, and also after the LMT Karte advance is over. So that you can immediately recognize that you are receiving a rescue call that you pay for, we recommend marking these LMT Karte users in the phone book with a symbol of your choice.

      It may happen that the LMT Karte user chooses you as his/her "rescuer" – in that case, you will receive a text message. If you agree to pay for the calls of this LMT Karte user, you must send a confirmation within 24 hours.

      The SOS-Call can be administered with the help of text messages. Check it out in the table to know what to do and text* to 29319944.

      DescriptionKeywordSMS textExplanation
      Create a listV

      xxxxxxxx – LMT Karte number for which you agree to pay when the user of this number calls you. You can specify up to 100 LMT Karte user numbers.

      Agree to pay for the callP

      xxxxxxxx – LMT Karte number for which you agree to pay when the user of this number calls you. Valid 24 hours from the moment the specific request is sent.

      You can also confirm the request in another way: send the received request SMS back to 29319944.

      Delete numbers from the listD
      D#xxxxxxxx #xxxxxxxx
      If you want to delete one or more LMT Karte numbers from the list.
      You can also delete all numbers at once.
      View the list of numbersS
      You will receive a list of LMT Karte numbers for which you have agreed to pay.

      Help message
      You will receive a brief explanation of all text messages used for the administration of SOS-Call.
      Explanatory message?X?You will receive an explanation of a specific text message of interest. X – respective keyword, e.g. V?


      • You have to pay for the incoming SOS-Calls even if the LMT Karte user`s advance has not yet spent.
      • • If you have temporarily closed the connection number or you are blocked from calling because of an outstanding invoice, the operation of the SOS-Call is also temporarily suspended – you will not receive calls from LMT Karte users for which you have agreed to pay.
      • If you are no longer an LMT subscriber or have not paid for LMT services, the operation of the SOS-Call is terminated. We will send an informative text message to all LMT Karte users for which you agreed to pay.
      • If you use the Call Filter service and the Black List also includes an LMT Karte number, you will not be able to receive a SOS-Call from this person.

      • Before using LMT services, please read the data processing information provided by LMT. As a data controller, LMT pays the greatest attention to these issues. As part of the services provided by LMT, we process data only to the necessary extent and time period, which results from the nature of the service and the requirements of binding laws and regulations. As part of the SOS-CALL service, basic data can be processed, such as connection number, etc., as well as electronic communications metadata, including load data – information related to the provision of electronic communications services. The purpose of the data to be processed is to implement the performance of the selected service, including ensuring the related quality, payments and resolution of the reported issues, if they arise, as well as the execution of the binding laws and regulations. The basis of data processing is the requested LMT service and the implementation of related laws and regulations. Such processing is a prerequisite for the execution of the transaction, and failure to provide data may partially or completely delay or terminate the provision of the transaction. With regard to his/her data, the LMT customer has the right to exercise the rights set forth in the laws and regulations. More information about LMT`s data protection and rights in the field of data processing is available in in LMT Privacy Policy.


      • The cost of the SOS-Call is covered by the "rescuer" of the LMT Karte user, that is, you. The fee is calculated according to your tariff plan as if you were calling an LMT number. If your tariff plan is FREEDOM, SOS-Calls are free!

      • If you have forwarded calls to another LMT number, you still have to pay for the SOS-Call. If you forward calls to another operator`s network, you will have to pay for both the SOS-Call and forwarding to another network.
      • If you receive a SOS-Call while abroad, you should expect the following costs:

        - fee for SOS-Call;- fee for receiving a call in the specific network;

        - fee for a forwarded call if you have set conditional forwarding.

      • The fee for sending SOS-Call administration text messages is calculated according to your tariff plan.

      *Text a command, if you want to subscribe to the service for a specified fee already now. Information about the consumer right of withdrawal. In case of one-time purchase, the service is provided at once, without applying the right of withdrawal.