LMT Karte eSIM – and a new number at your disposal

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LMT Karte starter kits

Basic tariff for calls to all networks in Latvia and EEA states (incl. while in EEA) – 0.19 € /min*.

* Except calls to premium-rate numbers and Camel Mobile.

New number

New number 0.99 €

New number

New number 1.50 €

New number

New number 3.00 €

New number
unlimited internet for one week free of charge

New number 4.99 €

New number
unlimited communication in Latvia and EEA countries

New number 24.89 €

* Except calls to premium-rate numbers and Camel Mobile.

Where to buy

LMT Karte eSIM is just a few clicks away! Check HERE

LMT Karte's physical SIM card can be purchased at more than 5,000 sales points throughout Latvia – in large shopping centers and small shops, kiosks, fuel stations, as well as in any LMT Customer Centre and in the LMT e-store.

Selling points
  • Cirlce K
  • Rimi
  • Latvijas Pasts
  • Top!
  • Mego
  • Narvesen
  • Maxima
  • Elvi
  • Akropole
  • Galerija Centrs
  • Drogas
  • Cenuklubs
  • Stockman
  • Sky


Remember the PIN 1
Remember the original PIN 1 code! You will need it to use your LMT Karte later.
Your phone number
Physical SIM card – the phone number is indicated on the package. LMT Karte eSIM – in eSIM confirmation e-mail.
Balance expiry date – 60 days
The balance of all LMT Karte starter kits expires in 60 days and the kits can be used for 60+60=120 days.
Fair Use Policy of LMT Services
All users of LMT Karte are bound by the Fair Use Policy of LMT Services.